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Commercial Network Services (LA) Ping
06:28 PM 06:33 PM 5 min 100.000% 100.000%
Commercial Network Services (NYC) Ping
06:28 PM 06:33 PM 5 min 100.000% 100.000%
Commercial Network Services (UK) Ping
06:28 PM 06:33 PM 5 min 100.000% 100.000%

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Platform Updates (Resolved)
Affecting Other - All virtualzied services | Priority - Low

Please be advised many VM's and services hosted on VM's will be hibernated for up to one hour while we complete important updates to our platform.  No reboots are anticipated.  This is a continuation of last weeks maintenance and so if your service was affected last week it is unlikely to be affected this week.

Date - 02/27/2016 00:00 - 02/29/2016 16:08
Last Updated - 02/25/2016 06:52

Platform Maintenance (Resolved)
Affecting Other - VM Hosting Platform | Priority - Low

Many VM's will be paused for up to one hour while we complete maintenance to our hosting platform.  No reboot is planned.  The VM will resume as soon as maintenance is complete.

Date - 02/20/2016 00:00 - 02/21/2016 00:00
Last Updated - 02/21/2016 13:58

Maintenance (Scheduled) (Resolved)
Affecting Other - Hosted VM's | Priority - Low

CNS will be completing maintenance over the weekend of November 13.  Many hosted services will be paused briefly so we can update our infrastructure.  New provisioning will be held until maintenance is complete.


Date - 11/13/2015 19:30 - 11/15/2015 07:51
Last Updated - 11/14/2015 12:15

Network Updates (Resolved)
Affecting Other - All hosted services | Priority - Medium

We are applying a security patch to all public facing routers.  There may be brief periods of no connectivity.  This procedure will be completed well before markets open.

Date - 11/01/2015 08:51 - 11/02/2015 11:15
Last Updated - 11/01/2015 08:52

Transit within Europe from UK DC (Resolved)
Affecting Other - edge reachable by transit in UK | Priority - High

An upstream transit provider in UK is experiencing techncial issues.  This has caused periods of intermittent connectivity for some traffic entering the CNS network via transit links.

Most all traffic in/out of our UK datacenter travels through peering links and is unaffected.

We have isolated the issue specifically to an upstream transit network and have configured our network to route around them by utilizing our transit networks reachable from NYC and Los Angeles.  This will increase latency for traffic that travels out these links while the issue is resolved.

We are working with the transit provider to setup alternate peering.  Depending on the issue within their network, this may be accomplished rather quickly.  We will continue to optimize the detour until we hear back from the transit provider.

We will update this report after more information is available.

UPDATE 8/21 10:04AM PST:  Alternate routes optimized.  Transit latency is close to normal.  We will continue to monitor.  Please contact CNS support if you are experiencing any issues.

UPDATE 8/24 11:33AM PST: We have applied previous re-routing configuration after detecting more transit issues in the UK.  We will post further updates as we have more information to report.

UPDATE 8/25 6:38AM PST: This issue is potentially resolved.  We will return European routing to normal after we observe one hour of stability on the transit providers network.    Until then, we will continue to route around in order to maintain stable connectivity.

UPDATE 8/25 9:56AM PST: We are still seeing dropout on the european transit links.  We have further optimized the detour around, and so latency should be much better -  but not great.  We will post further updates as we have more information to report.

UPDATE 8/26 2:53PM PST:  Upstream tranist issues have been declared resolved by the provider for one of two legs.  After having observed one hour of no packet loss, we have now brought the transit route back online.  Latency for transit routes has returned to normal.  We will continue to observe the routes closely and report any issues here.

UPDATE 8/27 9:40PM PST: We will bring up the second leg of the UK transit providers uplink during our regular maintenance window this weekend. 


Date - 08/19/2015 17:34
Last Updated - 08/27/2015 21:42

Connectivity issue to Divisa and Mt. Cook FX (Resolved)
Affecting Other - Connectivity issue to Divisa and Mt. Cook FX | Priority - High

Connectivity to Divisa and Mt. Cook FX are currently impossible. 

This issue appears to be rooted on a server managed by Divisa and is affecting Divisa and Mt. Cook FX subscribers only.

We are waiting on an update from them.

UPDATE:  This issue appears to be resolved.  We are waiting on confirmation.

UPDATE:  NOT resolved.  The issue is off the CNS network, with PrimeXM and/or Divisa.  We will post another update as we receive further information from them.

UPDATE:  Resolved by PrimeXM

Date - 07/24/2015 08:57
Last Updated - 08/08/2015 07:40

IP issue NYC (Resolved)
Affecting Other - IP connectivity NYC region | Priority - Critical

We are investigating reports of an IP issue in the NYC region.

The issue seems to be affecting one prefix hosted in our NYC datacenter.  It appears to be a routing issue somewhere, likely off our network.  We are working to identify it.

CNS techs can change your IP address to a different prefix for you through a support ticket.  We are testing a possible work around and will post an update shortly.

The issue has been isolated to a transit route.  We have taken action to route around the trouble and are now monitoring.

We have been advised the transit route in quesiton is fully operational again.  Our monitoring and analysis confirms. 


Date - 07/05/2015 16:03
Last Updated - 07/05/2015 19:52

IP access from Germany region (Resolved)
Affecting Other - ALL UK | Priority - Critical

We are investigating several tickets from subscribers in Germany unable to access their UK based service.  This appears to be a regional ISP issue.  We are working to identify alternate routes.  We will post updates here as new information becomes available.

UPDATE:  The issue seems to have healed itself.  We are working to confirm.

UPDATE:  Confirmed healed.  We are continuing to monitor (just in case)

Date - 11/23/2014 14:04 - 11/23/2014 19:37
Last Updated - 11/23/2014 14:44

Maintenance - All VM's (Resolved)
Affecting Other - All virtual servers | Priority - Low

All virtual servers will be paused briefly during this maintenance window so we can complete important maintenance to the hosting platform.

Please - make sure your Windows VM's are up to date.

Date - 11/14/2014 19:00 - 11/16/2014 10:30
Last Updated - 11/14/2014 10:10

Planned maintenance – UK transit provider cor (Resolved)
Affecting Other - All UK hosted services | Priority - Low

We have been notified by our transit provider in UK that they intend to perform major maintenance on their network starting at 21:30 UTC on Friday, October 24th.  This is 30 minutes after all markets have closed.

We will be cutting away the transit provider at 21:15 UTC to prevent their work from impacting the CNS network.  Many ISP’s peer with us directly in Europe and for traffic to those ISP’s there will be no impact.  However, some traffic will be routed over the CNS backbone and in/out thru our NYC datacenter.  This will increase latency temporarily as traffic routes over the Atlantic and around the maintenance.

The maintenance period is scheduled to end at 00:30 UTC.  We will restore connectivity to the transit provider after we receive the all-clear from them.

Date - 10/17/2014 14:15 - 10/24/2014 17:09
Last Updated - 10/23/2014 12:54

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